24.06. - 26.06.2022


analogue electro // Berlin



23:00 - 00:00

Bühne Innen

Consisting of a collaboration between two musicians, AFAR seeks to bridge the distance between the natural and the industrial, exploring the paradox between organic and electronic.

In some spaces, AFAR might build dance-oriented rhythms layered with haunting vocals. Whereas in others, the band creates moments of ambience composed of multi-instrumental soundscapes.

Seeing AFAR live, was one of
these moments that I felt both very inspired and connected. With the fragile sounds of Windspiel and Kalimba, two mysterious voices, analog synthesizers, drum machines and electric guitar, they take you on a journey, that is both intimate and ecstatic.

Close your eyes to find yourself in
a mesmerizing cinematic world, comparable to the surreal vibe of a Jim Jarmusch movie, and open them to realize the dynamic duo creates every sound of that score live on stage

-Radio Bremen